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Q1: Do you deliver Breakfast Hampers anywhere is Australia?

A1: No, we currently delivery to most Sydney metropolitan areas (click here to check if your desired location is covered)

Q2: Can I order from outside of Australia?

A2: Sure, our payment system receives international credit cards and Paypal. We can also offer Western Union as a method of payment. If you wish to pay for a Breakfast Hamper using PayPal or Western Union, please contact us at 


Q3: Can I mix and match between options?

A3: Yes, We allow you to personalize your order; please email or call us on +61403682413 for details and how to proceed.


Q4: Can I pick up from your location?

A4: Unfortunately pick up is not available.


Q5: Can I personalize the message on each individual order?

A5: Yes, you can. When selecting your greeting card, type your desired message in the "special request" box. If any errors occur or if you would like to change the wording after submitting. Please email us at and within 24hrs of your order being placed; quote your receipt number and we will make your desired changes.


Q6: How do I know if Yummster has received my order?

A6: An email confirmation is sent to you automatically; Yummster will contact you to confirm the order on the phone number provided.


Q7: What payment methods can I use?

A7: Credit card payments, PayPal or direct bank deposit; if you submit an online transfer to our bank account; we can only start processing the order after the money has been received.


Q8: When will my order be delivered?

A8: For deliveries in Zone 1 & 2, you can select your desired date and time when ordering. Deliveries start at 7am and finish at 10.30am 7days. Please be aware that delivery times will be confirmed once your order is placed; be aware that selecting your time means that we will be there at approximately at the chosen time, unless we communicate to you and advise you otherwise. If you would like us to delivery outside of these hours, contact us prior payment.

For deliveries in greater NSW, QLD, ACT and VIC, Yummster uses delivery partners and cannot guaranteed an exact date and time of delivery, for courier deliveries and areas outside of Zone 1 and Zone 2, the orders will be delivered during a working day and during working hours.


Q9: How much does delivery cost?

A9: Deliveries vary from location for Breakfast Hampers and the fee is calculated at check out. For hampers and other gifts, Zone 1 deliveres have a cost of $14.95, in Zone 2 and courier deliveries there is a fee of $19.95AUD and $24.95AUD. Click here for Zones

Q10: Where can I get your bank account details?

A10: Please email us at or call us on +61 403682413; we will provide you with our bank account details and a reference number for the payment.

Q11: I would like to change my order.

A11: Please email us at or call us on +61 403682413; to discuss other options. Changes MUST be submitted 24 hours prior delivery otherwise, you may experience delays.

Q12: I would like to cancel my order.

A12: Cancellations are allowed 24 hours prior delivery or 24 hours after the payment of your interstate order. Breaching the 24 hours window may result in no refund if your order is a breakfast hamper or a perishable product such as cupcakes, cookies or fruits.

Q13: Do you deliver outside of zone1 and zone2?

A13: Yes, Yummster now offers courier delivery to areas outside of our Delivery Zones in NSW, QLD, VIC and ACT. The gifts include non perishable items as well as Cookie Bouquets. These are delivered Mon-Friday throughout the day. A delivery time cannot be guaranteed as this is a third party company.

Q14: is your question still not answered?

A14: Please email us at or call us on +61 403682413 for more information.

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