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A beautiful creation that will cause a beautiful impression to the new parents. A baby cot made with nappies a gift pack of Ferrero Rocher for the new parents to enjoy.

Colours include a choice of: Blue, Pink, Yellow, Purple or Orange/Blue/Green

This hamper contains:

1x Cot made of Huggies Crawler nappiespeelS
1x Sleepy Teddy Bear
1x Ferrero Rocher Gift Pack
1x Baby Blanket
1x personalized card
1x beautiful bow
wrapped in cello paper


Iteam available in the following areas:


NSW: Courier, Yummster 121 in Zone 1 & Zone 2

ACT: Courier Delivery 

QLD: Courier Delivery

VIC: Courier Delivery

Nappy Cot - Blue, Pink, Yellow

Select Your Colour
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