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Let's help those who also need us during this COVID-19 Crisis 

WHO is the help for?

Casual workers impacted by the loss of income and not receiving or receiving very limited help from the Australian Government 


HOW can you help?

We have made available in our shop some pre-designed Tees for men and women, three milk cakes and customised coasters;

and our commitment is that 100% of the value of these items will go towards a  bag with groceries

that can help those that have been affected by the crisis.

When making your purchase, you have an option to leave a small message for the person that will be receiving the bag; you can also let us know if the person receiving the bag can send you a message

in response to your donation.  If you dont want a product but wish to donate, you can also do so. 

This is a win/win situation for everyone!

WHAT's in the bag?

The bag will contain some basic non-perishable food items that can help casual workers get sorted for

breakfast, lunch and/or dinner for approximately 1 week or a few days (with many items in high demand, at the supermarkets, the number of goods provided in the bag will depend on price and availability).


WHEN are the people in need getting the help?

Our plan is to purchase the items from coles/woolworths website and have them collect the bags from their local supermarket. We will contact the people that submit the forms everytime that we have an available donation.

WHERE can the bags be collected from?

We will shop online and the bags can be collected from the person's local supermarket.

Note: Our commitment is to contribute with labour and materials, we are also a struggling small business but would like to help the community during these stressful times. The number of bags that we can hand out depends on the number of donations per week.


If you would like to receive one of the grocery bags please send us your details and we will contact you shortly

Together we are one!

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